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Fixed Income 2018: Goals and Challenges for the Front Office – Fixed Income Leaders Summit 

In Q4 of 2017, SimCorp commissioned WBR to conduct a survey of 100 front-office fixed-income professionals including traders, heads of desks, and portfolio managers. The survey focused on strategic priorities for 2018 and the operational challenges faced by fixed-income managers and was conducted by appointment over the telephone.

FIMSAC Proposal to Delay Reporting of Block Trades to Increase Liquidity – SEC FI Market Structure Advisory Committee

The Subcommittee developed the concept for a pilot to study an alternative approach that would raise the dissemination caps and modify the dissemination time frames for trades above the caps. The recommended pilot design supported by a majority of the Subcommittee is outlined below

  • Charlie
    CharlieApril 13, 2018"Higher caps is great, more transparency. The larger delay on blocks is certainly debatable. But the real tragedy is that they didn't go with alternative 1.a for measurement, i.e. the randomized controlled trial approach ("Rather than apply the new dissemination cap sizes and changes to all corporate bonds, divide bonds into a control group with no change and a test group with the changes applied.") Comparing volumes year over year is just not a great counterfactual, m…"

New Fixed Income Committee Sees Pushback on Structural Approach to Resolving Credit Market Challenges – The Desk 

Full Article: The Desk

Former Commissioner Mary Jo White had said during the planning phase for the committee in 2016, that it would be established to address disruptive trading practices, amongst other areas. Appetite for immediate action is likely to be tempered by the regulatory climate, with a move to reduce not increase regulation, and a clear need to understand the complexities.

Less is More in Bond Market As Technology Eases Smaller Trades – Bloomberg Quint

Full Article: Bloomberg Quint

Electronic-trading technology has matured to the point that about three-quarters of credit investors say they can easily buy or sell orders up to $5 million, according to research by Greenwich Associates. That compares with about one third in 2016, the financial-services consulting firm’s report showed.

Big Tech Firms Are Behaving Like Big Banks – Bloomberg Gadfly

Full Article: Bloomberg Gadfly

Picture a bank that lends $1 billion to small businesses in 12 months, holds $150 billion in corporate bonds, runs the world’s largest money-market fund, offers mobile payments and credit cards, and gives customers cash balances that can be topped up across thousands of homely bricks-and-mortar outlets. Except it’s not really a bank at all, but a technology firm.

  • Cougar
    CougarMarch 18, 2018"I disagree with the thesis of article but it raises valid points (which we saw going into the last crisis in a different guise). The 101 of a bank is to lend to individuals or/and businesses and to have a specialization at determining counterparty credit risk and charting the appropriate interest rate (or not lending at all). Amazon isn't doing that and it's the most advanced of the three tech firms cited. Yes, Apple and others have massive treasury operations - inves…"

Advanced Software Use Could Save Wall Street $1.5B Per – Traders

Full Article: Traders Magazine

One of the greatest, and perhaps most overlooked, innovations of the past 10 years has been the way mobile operating systems enable software deployment and consumption. Android and iOS operating systems, for example, have created a framework that allows third-party development teams to easily build, deploy and update their software applications.