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Bond Market’s Data Flood Spurs New Era of Billion-Dollar Trades – Bloomberg

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The quantity of information captured each day at the asset manager’s fixed-income unit has tripled in the last two years to 92 terabytes — or 92 trillion bytes. That includes active inventory, trade data, 4 million messages and direct price feeds. By comparison, scientists using the Hubble telescope to
understand the origins of the universe suck in 10 terabytes a year.

MarketAxess Holdings Q2 Earnings Call Transcript – Motley Fool

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Now our investors with the introduction of live markets, clients will be able to place orders in a market that is available to all and that’s a critical function that has been missing from the bond market. It’s a function that we take for granted in other markets, but the future is market where clients can rest orders and obviously the equity market globally where clients can rest orders, we are building a place for clients to rest order side by side with dealers to stream price to clients.