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When Bond Prices Are a Matter of Opinion – MorningStar

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Figuring out what those bonds are worth when they aren’t trading is a huge challenge. Every time an investor purchases or sells shares in a fund, the transaction has to be done based on the value of the whole portfolio. If underlying security prices are higher than they should be, investors selling shares will get more than they’re entitled to, while those buying will wind up paying more, and vice versa.

From Goldman to SEC: Gensler’s Next Stop Worries Wall St – Bloomberg

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The tale of Gary Gensler’s transformation has always been remarkable. He went from being one of the youngest partners in the history of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to becoming a favorite of progressive Democrats as a financial regulator during the Obama administration. Now, it’s about to add another chapter and Wall Street is very worried.

PIMCO, Man Group, IHS Markit, State Street, Microsoft and McKinsey Join Forces on OMS – Businesswire

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HUB’s greenfield platform will be built by asset managers to transform the industry’s operating model by providing flexible and modular solutions across middle and back office functions, all while reducing cost and mitigating risks. The platform will accelerate the move to a digital operating model enabling asset managers to deliver innovative solutions to their clients both now and in the future.

Firms Like AQR, Blackstone, and Point72 Are All Leaning into Systematic Strategies in Bond Trading – Business Insider 

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Blackstone is just one of many investors embracing the quant strategies in bond markets, which has been relatively slow to adapt to the new algorithm-driven reality compared to equity markets. Big managers like Renaissance Technologies, Point72, and Millennium began building up teams over the last couple of years

Why Bond Investors Are Taking On More Risk – Barron’s

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“I assert, currently, you are not getting paid for credit risk and this is certainly a major consideration when you look at your portfolios,” Mark Grant, chief global strategist, fixed income, at B. Riley Financial, similarly writes in his Out of the Box client note. This bond-market veteran puts the blame on the Federal Reserve and other central banks for creating a “borrower’s paradise” and “fixed-income investor’s hell” by holding interest rates down, in part to help finance massive fiscal deficits.

Boom in Fintech Bond Sale Platforms Risks Fragmenting Market – Bloomberg 

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The concerns follow a flurry of new technologies from New York to Hong Kong trying to drag the process of placing bonds into the 21st century. There are now at least 35 different systems for new bond deals across the globe, up from 22 in 2018, according to data from the International Capital Market Association.