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JPMorgan Worries About BBB Firm Falling Into Junk Category – ThinkAdvisor

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“More than half of BBB companies in the U.S. and Europe look more like high yield than high grade” based on their leverage multiples, strategists including Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou wrote in a note to clients. “This suggests that the downgrade and fallen angel risks look pretty elevated at the moment.”

Call for Regulatory Reform of Primary Markets – The Desk

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“There is little or no transparency on how allocations are derived. Regulators have been focused on best execution, but they should have also looked at the transparency of the allocation process because it is not clear, fair or efficient,” said Cathy Gibson, head of fixed income trading at Royal London Asset Management.

Evolution of the BuySide Fixed Income EMS – GreySpark

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This article – which is the first of a series of three produced by GreySpark Partners analyst Willis Bruckermann on behalf of AxeTrading – examines how buyside fixed income market participants are, in 2018, approaching a sink-or-swim moment in their embrace of e-trading capabilities and, consequently, succeeding or failing to develop an ability to survive in an increasingly competitive landscape.