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ICE to Acquire TMC Bonds – Finextra

  • Goose
    GooseJune 1, 2018"Quite the interesting price and purchase by ICE. They bought practically the exact same customer base for credit that they paid for in KBP, plus plenty of duplication in the muni market customer base. Certainly TMC has some solid proprietary connectivity there. They are officially in the front end business, and I will be curious to see if they stay there. Will they follow with a strong regulatory push to try to force the markets in to a more fair access/rules based ex…"

MarketAxess Allows PIMCO to Trade by Its Own Rules – Reuters

  • Cougar
    CougarMay 11, 2018"Dealers lack confidence to provide firm pricing for depth, especially among Tier II dealers. A large part of this lack of confidence stems from asymmetry of information (over the last 10y with FI electronification the buyside has accrued ever more pricing information over that of the dealers). This particular MarketAxess example takes that situation further toward a buyside firm's advantage - further reducing dealer confidence and so the provision of depth (real liqui…"