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Robots Conquered Stock Markets. Now They’re Coming for Bonds and Currencies – Bloomberg

  • Wolfman
    WolfmanMarch 8, 2019"It's been a while since I've posted and I'm not sure if anyone noticed! I couldn't help myself today... Here's my take. People act in their own self interest. Why do I start with that? Because I always start with the givens and then work my way through an argument. We've heard for 10 years now that the sell-side has been weakened by regulation and capital restrictions and although many thought this would just be a temporary setback, it has materialized into a fundamen…"

Concannon ‘Graduates’ to Fixed Income – Markets Media

  • Goose
    GooseFebruary 8, 2019"Color me skeptical.. the liquidity profile of size, daily volume, strategies, turnover, consistent bid/ask are all very similar to FX and will support a robust agency model. Also this... "Open Trading is MarketAxess’ all-to-all trading model which allows the buy side to also supply liquidity, rather than the traditional model of only banks supplying liquidity to investors". Saw a linkedin article that said buyside to buyside corporate bond trading is 2…"