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ICE to Launch New Fixed Income ETF Platform – NASDAQ

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The new platform will connect to BondPoint, the electronic corporate bond trading platform ICE bought from Virtu Financial for $400 million in January, and TMC Bonds, the municipal bond trading platform it acquired for $685 million last month, as well as to third party venues, ICE said.

  • Wolfman
    WolfmanAugust 3, 2018"There is a direct creation/redemption process which impacts the liquidity of the underlying constituents of the ETFs themselves and benefits the ETF issuers. Finding tools to democratize that benefit to those who trade the underlying bonds is an idea whose time has come. Traders need tool to connect the dots.…"

The Attack of the “Frankensystems” – Traders Magazine

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PMS. OMS, EMS, venues, dealers and brokers present a swirling pool of moving parts that somehow make up a dizzying array of possible permutations for the ultimate execution tech stack. Indeed this has reached the point now where there is a nomadic tribe of consultants dipping in and out of vendor presentations at client sites, struggling to maintain a demeanour of alertness as a vendor demo heads into its’ third hour.

ECB Under Fire ss Critics of Bond-Buying Program Reach EU Court – Bloomberg 

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“The ECB has become a big play-maker in the distortion of competition on the capital markets for sovereign bonds and corporate bonds and has in this way suspended the system of undistorted competition which is mandated in the treaties,” Markus Kerber, a lawyer for some of the claimants, told a 15-judge panel.

Buy-Side Fixed Income Trading Technology Q&A with Wellington – Markets Media 

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Last year we focused on aggregating different pre-trade data to provide our traders with deeper transparency on the fixed income markets and on improving post-trade cost analysis. This year we are working on combining pre-trade and post-trade data to help our trading team gather more insight through data science with a goal of improving execution.

Credit Information Overload – The Desk 

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The inability to process pricing data for corporate bonds is preventing buy-side traders from finding real opportunities to trade. Data is readily available; broker-dealers, specialists data aggregators, TRACE, Bloomberg data and benchmark providers all give guidance on where a price may be. In fact there is too much of it. The quality of that information is highly variable, the volume provided by dealers is increasing, and the absence of a standard format makes it hard to compare. 

ICE to Acquire TMC Bonds – Finextra

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Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE), a leading operator of global exchanges and clearing houses and provider of data and listings services, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire TMC Bonds LLC for $685 million in cash.

  • Goose
    GooseJune 1, 2018"Quite the interesting price and purchase by ICE. They bought practically the exact same customer base for credit that they paid for in KBP, plus plenty of duplication in the muni market customer base. Certainly TMC has some solid proprietary connectivity there. They are officially in the front end business, and I will be curious to see if they stay there. Will they follow with a strong regulatory push to try to force the markets in to a more fair access/rules based ex…"